Tournament Info

Divisions: There will be a male and female group for each division. If a player is 18 years of age, they may still play in the Grade 12 division if still in high school as of September the year of the tournament.

Youth Divisions: 3rd – 12th Grade


If your team members span more than one grade level, you will be placed into the oldest team members division. In instances where there are less than four teams in a grade division, your team may be moved up one division.

All Youth Divisions are based off the next September grade enrollment.

Adult Division: There will be male and female divisions. There will be no age groups or other distinctive divisions for the adults.

Each team is guaranteed 4 games, assuming that each pool is filled. Johnson County Family YMCA reserves the right to reschedule teams depending on total registrations received and team no-shows. If a team fails to show up for their first two games on Saturday, they automatically forfeit the remainder of their tournament games (no refunds will be provided).

Each team will consist of three to five players. There will be no roster changes allowed once play begins.

Unlimited substitutions are allowed during dead balls.

Games are played to 20 points or 25 minutes. Each team is allowed three 45 second timeouts.

Baskets scored within the arc are counted as one point. Baskets outside the arc are two points. Ball changes possession after each basket.

There will be a referee on every court. The decision of the referee is final. Tournament officials reserve the right to eject any team, player or coach for un-sportsman-like conduct.

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