Rules, T.O.S., etc.



Official 3-on-3 Street Basketball Rules

The following rules have been designed to ensure fair play for all participants. Each player is expected to understand these rules prior to participation in the tournament. Any questions concerning these rules should be directed to the Battle on the Blacktop tournament director.


No roster changes are allowed after play begins. A team may start play with 1, 2 or 3 players. Roster changes must be made prior to play on Saturday. All players must meet the age requirements for their division and participate under their own name. Violations of this requirement will mean disqualification from the tournament and forfeiture of all previously played games. Players may play on more than one team, but may only play on one team per division.
However, Battle on the Blacktop is not responsible for scheduling conflicts if players elect to play on more than one team in more than one division.
Warming up before the game will be allowed as time permits. Teams should be courtside 10 minutes prior to the start of the game. Games will begin promptly, as close to the start time as possible. All players must sign the score sheet before each game and designate the team’s captain/spokesperson.

Start of Play
  1. POSSESSION will be determined by a coin toss. Possession alternates after each basket.
  2. FORFEITURE Any team not ready to play at game time will be penalized 1 point for every minute they are not on the court up to 10 points. Forfeit time is 10 minutes after game time.
  3. SCORING 1 point/basket inside the arch, 2 points for shots completely outside the arch.
  4. WINNING TEAM is the first team to 20 of the team that is ahead after 25 minutes.
  5. OVERTIME If teams are tied after 25 minutes a coin toss will determine possession for overtime. Winning team is the first team to score 2 points.
  6. Team members must have a number clearly displayed on their body.
  7. FOULS Each player is allowed 4 personal fouls. The player fouls out on the 4th foul. Each team is given 8 team fouls. On the 8th team foul one shot is awarded for non-shooting fouls and one shot for shooting fouls (2 shots if fouled behind the arch) and possession changes after the shot(s). If the shot is good on a shooting foul, the foul is recorded but there is no foul shot. The ball changes possession. Prior to the 8th team foul the possession of the ball goes to the team fouled and the ball is put in play from within the possession box. All non-foul shooting players must stand behind the 2 point arch.
  8. Technical Fouls count as a personal and a team foul. Possession remains with the shooting team. The first technical foul is one shot and possession of the ball. Any technical foul after the first one is two shots and possession. Any player or coach receiving two technical fouls in one game will result in automatic ejection from the game and the tournament.
  9. INTENTIONAL FOULS will be treated as a technical foul.
  10. TIME OUTS Each team will receive three 45-second time outs/game. The clock will not stop during time outs. There will be NO time outs during the final 3 minutes of play.
  11. GAME CLOCK will only be stopped for a serious personal injury.
  12. DUNKING is allowed during the game.
  13. SUBSTITUTIONS are unlimited and allowed only during dead ball situations. Players do not need to check in to substitute.
  14. CHANGE OF POSSESSION during a dead ball will be made inside the possession box at the top of the court. The player in-bounding the ball must have both feet inside the box. A violation of the box boundary results in a change of possession. Players guarding the possession box must give the box a 3-foot cushion. Any change of possession occurring during play must be “cleared” past the 2-point arch.
  15. JUMP BALL becomes the possession of the defensive team.
  16. POSTING UP is not allowed by the offensive team within the designated post up box. An offensive player CANNOT remain stationary with either foot in this box AND receive the ball and take a shot. The receiving player may move out of the box to shoot. Any violation will result in a change of possession.

Tournament Administration REFEREES will validate the score sheet and final score by signing the score sheet at the conclusion of the game.

THE WINNING TEAM is responsible for getting the score sheet to the scorer’s table immediately after the game’s completion.


for bracket play will be made by, in the following order

  1. Win/Lose record.
  2. Head to head competition.
  3. Total points scored.
  4. Point spread.
  5. Flip of the coin.

PROTESTS can only be made to the referee immediately before the start of the game. Protests cannot be made during the game. The only situation that maybe protested is false information on a roster, such as age or name. Referee decisions may not be protested. If a protest is filed, the referee will immediately contact one of the tournament officials who will rule on the protest. All protest decisions are final.
“BATTLE ON THE BLACKTOP” tournament officials reserve the right to disqualify any team for infractions of the following policies:

  1. Use of illegal players: The players listed on the roster at the time an entry form is submitted are the only players eligible without the consent of the tournament director. We reserve the right to request identification from any player at any time during the tournament. All participants are encouraged to bring picture identification to the tournament.
  2. False information: Information provided on your entry form is the basis for division breakdowns. Any false information is grounds for disqualification.
  3. Unnecessary vulgarity or abusive conduct: The “BATTLE ON THE BLACKTOP” enforces a “zero tolerance” policy as it relates to fighting, vulgarity and continuous misconduct, both on and off of the court. Players or teams involved in this type of behavior will be disqualified from further play and asked to leave the tournament area.

The “BATTLE ON THE BLACKTOP” has made every effort to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for players and spectators but please be mindful of your equipment, cameras, clothing, etc. Johnson County Family YMCA, its Board of Directors, sponsors, agents, the City of Buffalo and Johnson County are not responsible for lost or stolen articles or for the personal injuries sustained by participants or spectators.


This WAIVER AND RELEASE shall be governed by the State of Wyoming law and the courts located in Johnson County. Wyoming shall have the exclusive jurisdiction for any action arising therefrom. Before registering and participating in this event, every player and his/her parent or guardian should read this entry form. By registering each player and /or his/her parent or guardian signifies that he/she has read the information contained in this form, fully understands this information and agrees to the terms contained in this form. INCLUDED IN THESE TERMS ARE (i) A WAIVER AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY FOR PERSONAL INJURIES AND LOSS OF PERSONAL PROPERTY SUFFERED BY THE PARTICIPANT AND (ii) PERMISSION TO USE PARTICIPANTS LIKENESS OR PHOTO. VOLUNTARY WAIVER AND RELEASE. There are risks connected with my participation in this event and its related activities. Injury to my person or damage to or loss of my personal property is a possibility. I acknowledge this possibility and risk and VOLUNTARILY RELEASE AND DISCHARGE Johnson County Family YMCA, its directors, event sponsors, event charities, the City of Buffalo, Johnson County (collectively known as “Event Organizers”), volunteers and workers from any and all actions, suits, demands and claims of whatever nature in law or in equity, from injuries suffered by me while participating in this event or its related activities and further from the loss or damage to personal property by theft, negligence or otherwise. EFFECT ON ELIGIBILITY. Player eligibility for NCAA, collegiate sports and local school districts varies. The event organizers are not responsible for determining each players eligibility.

PERMISSION TO USE PHOTO. I HEREBY GRANT FULL PERMISSION for event organizers to record any or all of my participation in this event for photos, motion pictures, tv, radio, recordings, videotapes and other media known and unknown, and to use them, no matter by whom taken, in any manner for publicity, promotions, advertising, trade or commercial purposes, without any reimbursements of any kind due to me, or the need to pay me any fee.