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2017 Male 3rd Grade through Adult

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3rd-5th Grade Boys
8:30AM Court 8 BackCountry Bandits Eagles
9:00AM Court 8 Buffalo Ballers Buffalo Warriors
9:30AM Court 8 Triple Threat Buffalo Warriors
10:30AMCourt 8 BackCountry Bandits Buffalo Ballers
11:00AMCourt 8 Eagles Buffalo Ballers
11:30AMCourt 8 Triple Threat BackCountry Bandits
12:00PMCourt 8 Triple Threat Eagles
12:30PMCourt 8 Eagles Buffalo Warriors
6th and 7th Grade Boys
8:00AMCourt 6Buffalo Fiesty KittensOrange Crush
8:30AMCourt 6BisooRenegades
9:00AMCourt 6Cody BroncsHot Digity Dogs
9:30AMCourt 6Don N Moes exhaustGillette Jays
10:30AMCourt 6Cody BroncsDon N Moes exhaust
11:00AMCourt 6RenegadesHot Digity Dogs
11:30AMCourt 6Buffalo Fiesty KittensGillette Jays
12:00PMCourt 6Orange CrushBisoo
1:00PMCourt 6RenegadesDon N Moes exhaust
1:30PMCourt 6Orange CrushGillette Jays
2:00PMCourt 6BisooHot Digity Dogs
2:30PMCourt 6Buffalo Fiesty KittensCody Broncs
8th and 9th Grade Boys
8:30AM Court 3 Cavaliers Hoop there it is
9:00AM Court 3 Dream Team Gillette Basketball
10:00AMCourt 3 The Golden Boys Gillette Basketball
10:30AMCourt 3 Cavaliers Dream Team
11:30AMCourt 3 Hoop there it is Dream Team
12:00PMCourt 3 The Golden Boys Cavaliers
12:30PMCourt 3 The Golden Boys Hoop there it is
1:00PM Court 3 Hoop there it is Gillette Basketball
10th -12th Grade Boys
8:30AMCourt 4Nations FinestNo Sweat
9:00AMCourt 4Apsaalooke BallersThe Boltz
10:00AMCourt 4No SweatApsaalooke Ballers
10:30AMCourt 4The BoltzNations Finest
11:30AMCourt 4Apsaalooke BallersNations Finest
12:00PMCourt 4No SweatThe Boltz
Men’s Division
8:00AMCourt 1Gitty UpTune Squad
8:30AMCourt 1Diamonds in the RoughWhatchu Know About Salsa
9:00AMCourt 1Slick MountainThe Krew
9:30AMCourt 1Gitty UpSlick Mountain
10:00AMCourt 1Whatchu Know About SalsaThe Krew
10:30AMCourt 1Tune SquadDiamonds in the Rough
11:00AMCourt 1Diamonds in the RoughThe Krew
11:30AMCourt 1Tune SquadSlick Mountain
12:30PMCourt 1Whatchu Know About SalsaGitty Up